Dynamic real estate advice. Built on more than experience


We are a commercial real estate consultancy business, with a generation’s experience in the City of London property market.

Our size means we have more time to focus on our clients, we shift resources at critical moments, and we maintain tight confidentiality.

But more than that, our advice evolves with the current trends, from new ways of working to the latest sustainable practices. Always keeping you one step ahead.

That’s why leading property investors, developers and occupiers come back for our advice. Time and again.

Why Squarebrook?

Our people first approach keeps us at the forefront of the property market

We know every street in our neighbourhood

Working with the world’s best known developers and architects, we’ve helped transform London’s sub-markets. 

We gave advice at the start of the City tower cluster boom and changed perceptions as the streets of Southwark regenerated.

And with the property market demanding more flexibility than ever before, we’re leading the next step in its evolution.

We place people at the heart of property

Without people, property is just cement and ceilings. Without the right people, it doesn’t fulfil its potential.

Matching the right occupier and real estate is more important than ever. It helps businesses to thrive and investors to achieve the best value. But it’s not just about those we help place in a building but the teams who make it happen. 

Investor, developer or occupier - we enjoy learning and sharing your vision and then bringing the right team together to make it a reality. 

Our directors work on every project

From when you first make contact until we celebrate its conclusion, our senior resource is involved throughout your real estate project.

Our team brings a range of skills, knowledge and ideas to each development, acquisition, rent review or sale. 

We know that combining those with years of experience with those fresh to the industry, is the best approach to achieve success.

Charles Crowe, PGIM
"Squarebrook understood our requirement and sourced the appropriate product off market. Their knowledge of the London market is second to none."
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